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Therapeutic Alliance

Therapeutic Alliance is a group of independent clinicians collaborating together to provide comprehensive therapeutic services to teens and adults struggling with emotional issues.  Therapeutic Alliance is dedicated to providing individualized assessments, group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, and interventions.

To our friends and community, Therapeutic Alliance has been offering virtual services to those navigating substance abuse and mental health recovery.

In these complex times, Therapeutic Alliance remains committed to ensuring clients that struggle with substance abuse and mental health have a format to connect to ethical individualized treatment. Therapeutic Alliance has over ten masters levels therapists with long term experience in the recovery and mental health field. To adjust to this new landscape, we now offer the following programs through Telehealth:
-Individual Sessions
-Relapse Prevention Groups
-Family Groups

Men’s Adult Professional Groups

In this strengths-based group, individuals will find support and hope through navigating the complex path of long-term recovery. Issues addressed include complications with relational issues, emotional regulation skills and developing and maintaining healthy coping mechanisms.

Women’s relapse prevention groups

These supportive and warm groups welcome women who are grappling with recovery. These groups help to assist in the challenges of living a life without substances and encourage holistic self-care.

Family Therapy Groups and Attachment Therapy groups

Focusing on complexities of the impact of addiction of significant others, families, parents and partners. 

Diagnostic Evaluations

For many, the first step in healing is identifying the root of the symptoms one is experiencing. Therapeutic Alliance offers a comprehensive, evidence-based evaluation.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions in a confidential and comfortable environment are frequently the first-line of treatment. Often individual sessions can be less intimidating than group or family therapy. Clients are welcome to participate in individual sessions with a licensed, experienced clinician at Therapeutic Alliance.

Family Therapy

Recent research has suggested that family therapy is the single largest indicator for positive outcomes. Families can expect a comprehensive evaluation of the long-term issues they have been facing. Additionally, families will collaboratively set familial goals to assist in family healing.

Prevention Paradigm

Therapeutic Alliance has provided over a decade of comprehensive prevention to students, schools and the local community. Prevention Paradigm includes mental health awareness, suicide, and substance abuse prevention. Therapeutic Alliance is the leading prevention specialists in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, known for their innovative and inclusive educational model.

Parent Consultation

Parents are often the first responders when their child is in crisis. Overwhelmed with lack of resources and information, parents will find solace in calling Therapeutic Alliance. We are here to help you to navigate next steps for your child, we are only a phone call away.



Therapeutic Alliance has over a decade of experience providing a wide array of workshops and seminars to professionals seeking CEUs, parents seeking education and the local community seeking resources. Therapeutic Alliance is available for speaking engagements throughout the year, on weekends and evenings. Please inquire for fees associated with half day or full day lectures as well as a menu of previously successful and engaging topics.

Clinical Supervision

Therapeutic Alliance provides a vast selection of practitioners who provide clinical supervision. Each clinician at Therapeutic Alliance has their own individual experiences and theoretical orientations. Please inquire about your supervision needs as well as the population you currently treat and we can help you to find the perfect supervision partnership to complete hours for licensure or for your own growth as a clinician.

Group Therapy

A small group focusing on adult professional males to enhance their long-term recovery.  Solution oriented to help individuals cope with a high-stress work environment while maintaining their life goals.


Consulting with a professional helps with growth potential and development of a clear vision in a new or already existing business.  This service is especially beneficial because of the extensive experience the team at Therapeutic Alliance has in starting both residential and outpatient programs.

Strategic Evaluations

Diagnostic Evaluations include resourcing, placement, and follow-up in strategic level of care and corrective interventions.

Friendly Support

Therapeutic Alliance goal is to provide a supportive role in connecting individuals and families with the right help.


It is vital for our clients and families to feel safe and supported to reach out for help.

Seeking help can be empowering.

Achieve Your Recovery Goals Through Our Programs

Outpatient treatment program therapy is provided by our skilled and caring, professional staff who practice a variety of evidence-based therapies. Clients will meet with their counselor and or group several times a week to touch base and work through relapse prevention techniques, life and social skill building, family, and professional dynamics. In outpatient addiction treatment, peer support and close, meaningful relationships are a critical component of recovery. Family and loved ones are encouraged to participate in counseling and treatment groups.


Complementary to alternative therapy

Complementary to alternative therapy

Therapeutic Alliance welcomes and encourages other alternative and holistic therapies.

Award Wining

Award Wining

Both Cofounders are recipients of Addiction Professionals of the Year greater Philadelphia region

Qualified Team

Supportive & Qualified

Each member of the Therapeutic Alliance team is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania and has extensive experience in their specialization

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